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    Number of Players: 3-8
    Playing Time: 20-40 Minutes
    Recommended Ages: 10+

     Are you telling the truth or bluffing? Keep your opponents guessing as you pass tiles around the table and try not to get caught being too obvious. Watch out for the Dark Kingdom villains, though, because they can mess with your plans. When one player triggers the end of the game they are defeated and the player with the most number of Success Tokens is the winner!

    A hilarious party game of deception and misdirection featuring super-deformed caricatures of your favourite Sailor Moon Crystal guardians!

    Players each attempt to avoid running out of Character Tiles and/or filling the conditions on the selected Ending Tile that triggers the end of the game while simultaneously trying to gain the greatest number of Success Token points. The player that triggers the game’s end has been defeated while the player with the greatest number of Success Token points is the winner.

    Everything needed to start bluffing is included in one box:

    • 96 character tiles featuring heroes from the Sailor Moon Crystal series
    • 6 villain tiles featuring the Dark Kingdom villains
    • 10 ending tiles to determine when the game is over
    • 63 success tokens to track game points
    • 8 plastic tile holders with slots for tiles
    • 16 privacy shields to keep your tiles secret
    • 2 cloth draw bags for the tiles and tokens
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