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The Phantom Society

The Phantom Society

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    Yes, welcome to this country famous for its whisky, the
    Highlands, its castles, and, of course... its ghosts!

    The Phantom Society is a ghost-hunting game in which you play as sly spirits seeking to ruin a manor hotel or, if you prefer, intrepid ectoplasm hunters (a bit destructive round the edges) who never falter in the pursuit of their prey.

    While the ghosts have to be cunning and use psychology in order to remain concealed, the hunters use observation and deduction to flush out their sneaky targets.

    Who will be fastest?

    And above all, will the manor come through this madness intact?

    The Phantom Society is a 2 to 4 players ghost hunting game where one or two players will play the ghosts and the other player(s) the ghost hunters.

    The unique 2-levels game board represents a manor floor composed of 36 rooms where ghosts will hide.
    Each room is a tile holding a value (from 1,000 to 6,000£).

    For the ghosts, the goal is to inflict at least £45,000 damage
    (in tribute to Special 45 - Old Faydhutee Single Malt) on the
    manor, whether it is inflicted by the ghosts or the hunters.
    The ghost hunters’ mission is to stop the ghosts before they
    achieve their objective.

    Each of the 4 ghosts corresponds to a room type and will hide beneath one of this type starting his devastation of the hotel by removing tiles adjacent to the one he's hidden beneath.

    The ghost hunters will have to try to understand the placement of the several ghosts regarding the destroyed tiles. By doing this, the ghost hunters will also remove tiles (and so destroy them, adding to the damage total) to see if a ghost is hidden beneath.

    The ghost hunters will so have to very carefully remove logical tiles while the ghosts will have to find clever ways to cloud the issue!

    Smart, understandable in a snap, offering quick plays and a lot of re-playability, loaded with fun and dazzlingly illustrated by Naïade and Vincent Dutrait, The Phantom Society is a perfect fit for the casual as for the advanced gamer.

  • Details
    BGID: 142197
    Category: Deduction
    Time: 20 min
    Year: 2013
    Family: Ghosts
    Ages: 8 and up
    Publisher: IELLO, Fun Forge