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Way of War

Way of War

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  • Description
    From the publisher:Universal Miniatures System Along the endless road, war is a constant companion. Displaced civilizations from throughout time and imagination battle each other. Armies that have stepped from the pages of history face armies that could never have existed. This is the Way, an endless Road that the lost are drawn to, whether it is lost to history, to accident, or to imagination.The Way of War is a universal miniatures system that allows players to control the kind of game they play. It allows everything from Napoleonic formations to wizards casting spells to vehicles running a muck to artillery of a most unusual nature.The Way of War allows you to bring any model you want into the game, whether historical, fantasy, or just plain weird. The Way of War can incorporate any model, no matter how fantastic or with what special abilities, into the game.Twenty armies are included, all new and different from what you've seen before.The Way itself is a world in which any kind of battle that is possible to the imagination can be fought.This is The Way of War. A miniatures game that allows you to do anything you can conceive.This is merely a rulebook. You'll also need 10-sided dice, a ruler, and miniatures to play. Some useful templates are included on the last page of this book. - BoardGameGeek
  • Details
    BGID: 18616
    Category: Fantasy, Miniatures, Wargame
    Time: 90 minutes
    PrimaryName: Way of War
    Players: 2 to 2
    Year: 1999
    Product Title: Way of War
    Mechanics: Dice Rolling
    Ages: 12 and up
    Publisher: The CaBil