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Werewolves of Millers Hollow: The Village

Werewolves of Miller's Hollow: The Village

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    After the terrible tragedy of the so-called "New Moon", the village became a desert of ruins. Many years later, some brave outsiders rebuilt the village stone by stone, with the treasures amassed from their latest adventures. They then launched a clarion call to encourage all homeless adventurers to come live in this new ideal village.

    From all corners of the country, volunteers flocked to live in brand new houses, farms and shops. Some even camped on the village square, waiting for houses to become available. Thus, the school is once again filled with the laughter of children and the tavern is filled with playful echoes of conversations, punctuated by the clink of filled glasses.

    However, there remain claims that werewolves exist among the new community!

    Welcome to The Village! As in the original game (Werewolves of Miller's Hollow), players will assume characters in the charming village. However, in The Village, players will also assume a trade/profession.

    Note: The Village is not a mere expansion, but rather a stand-alone game. The card sizes are changed from the original.

    Expanded by:



    • 16-page full-color rulebook
    • 24 cards: 4 werewolves, 13 ordinary townsfolk, 1 fortune teller, 1 hunter, 1 witch, 1 thief, 1 cupid, 1 little girl and 1 sheriff
    • 2 cotton bags with the Werewolves logo printed on them
    • 14 buildings related to the various trades/professions (bakery, school, etc...)
    • 3 new roles (white werewolf, arsonist, and raven)
    • 2 special cards

    List of trades/ professions in the game:

    They will designate among them a captain/village head, who has 2 votes. If eliminated, the captain appoints his successor among other farmers. If there are no farmers left, he is no longer the captain.

    The Confessor
    This proud member of the clergy may, at any time during the day, force a player to show his character card. The confessor can use his power only once during the game.

    The Bonesetter/The Quack
    Once per game, the quack can use his special ability. During the day, he can replenish a player's one-time special ability so that it can used again.

    The Teacher
    The teacher can prevent 2 players from voting. He himself cannot participate in the vote. Of course, nothing prevents him (and the sanctioned players) from participating in the discussions.

    The Baker
    The baker is always at work before sunrise. For this reason, he can open his eyes once the moderator has finished pronouncing the sentence: "... Werewolves sleep!".

    The Barber
    With his sharp razor blade, the barber may (at any time of day) eliminate a player of his choice. If the eliminated player is a werewolf, he survives his act. He can use his power only once during the game.

    The Bailiff
    The representative of the law (and order!). His task is to give vacant houses to poor vagabonds. If several buildings are free, he will appoint several vagabonds.

    The Vagabonds
    These courageous homeless folks are immune to certain powers of the villagers (barber, teacher, raven and arsonist). If the vagabond agrees to (nothing requires them to do so) occupy a building designated by the bailiff, he changes profession and becomes the new owner of the building.

    The Taverner
    Tavernier may not be devoured by werewolves and no one can vote against him. However, if he votes against a person who is eliminated (even if pardoned), he loses his immunity and his token (its power). To complicate matters, the taverner has to always vote BEFORE the others!

    The Governer
    The good local lord has the right to pardon a convicted player... including himself! He can use his power only once during the game.

    The 3 new roles:

    White Werewolf
    His goal is to be the last survivor in the village. He acts like a normal werewolf, and so he can help the other werewolves to choose their victims. Once every two nights, he wakes up after "his fellow" and can kill one of the werewolves.

    The Arsonist
    Every night he can set fire to a building, putting the "fire" marker on it. Next morning the ruined building is discarded from the game, and the owner becomes a vagabond. If the burned building belongs to the werewolves's victim, the next werewolf to the right of the building dies, and the other scared can't kill their victim.

    Every night after the werewolves go to sleep, he can choose a player that he suspects of being a werewolf (putting the anonymous marker on the suspect's house). The accused player will have 2 votes against him the next day. The suspect mark can be put on the tavern (even while being immune).

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