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World War II: Pacific Theater of Operations

World War II: Pacific Theater of Operations

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    From the Game BOX: 'This WORLD WAR II grand strategic game covers the P.T.O. and the Asian Mainland from 1937 to 1945. Carrier Raids, amphibian operations, strategic warfare, industry, island hopping, and sub warfare are among the game's special features. It covers the full strategic war with strong operational elements. Outstanding features include: Illustrated examples of play 1,200 die-cut counters Fully compatible rules with WW II:E.T.O. 11 scenarios of varying length.' The game contents include: 2-23 inches by 34 inches maps 1-48 Page Rule Book 1-16 Page Scenario Book 2-Player Aid Cards 2-Counter Trays with Lids 4-sheets of Task Force/Supply Base labels and 1200 counters. The Complexity Level is rated MEDIUM for scenarios and HIGH for Campaigns. Solitaire Suitability is rated HIGH for scenarios and MEDIUM for Campaigns. Game length will depend on which Scenario or Campaign is chosen to be played. In order to combine this game with WW II:E.T.O. by TSR, you will need the 2nd edition of that game.Can be combined with: World War II: European Theater of Operations 2nd edition - BoardGameGeek
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