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Legend of the Five Rings: Art of War

Legend of the Five Rings: Art of War

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  • Description

    From The Alderac Entertainment Group Forum:

    "Briefly I will say that it looks like Samurai Swords - map divided into areas, little toy soldiers and forts - but plays very differently. It is not a hack and bash, grab lots of provinces to win game, but a game that can be won in one swift stroke by controlling five key areas (or "rings"). There is a great interplay between the players who understand this and look to the board position, and the players who don't, judging another's strength by his income and troop levels. The latter kind of player generally does not win.

    It's also not the ultimate flavor simulation of Rokugan. Its complexity level is roughly that of Axis and Allies. It gains flavor through clans' special action cards and through subtle differences in their board position and unit stats, and for the most part these are very true to the World of Rokugan.

    The game starts with the six original Imperial factions but there will almost certainly follow an expansion representing other popular groups in Rokugan."

  • Details
    BGID: 25931
    Category: Fantasy, Political, Wargame
    Time: 60 minutes
    Designer: Dan Verssen
    Mechanics: Dice Rolling