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Legend of the Five Rings Players Guide (Second Edition)

Legend of the Five Rings Player's Guide (Second Edition)

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    For the second edition of the Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) rpg, they split the core rules into two books: a Player's Guide and a Gamemaster's Guide.Notably, the game is listed as a Wizards of the Coast endorsed product as this arrived during the period when the L5R CCG intellectual property was under WoTC's control. It advances the metaplot to post-Clan War and closer to the first CCG material. It integrates a great deal of material from various supplements for the first edition of the L5R rpg.From the back cover:One of the most popular samurai RPGs has been reborn, with new rules, clarifications, and special guides to help you get started in the incredibly detailed world of Rokugan. Within these pages, you will find everything you need to create your own characters for use in Legend of the Five Rings' Emerald Empire.The Player's Guide includes: Easy to get started: The L5R Player's Guide is packed full with detailed descriptions of the Emerald Empire, rules and character creation guidelines, schools and techniques, complete skill lists, and advantages and disadvantages to help new players and experience fans interact with Rokugan's culture and society. Step-by-step character generation: Pick a Clan, pick a profession, spend a few points and you are on your way to adventuring in the Emerald Empire! Flexible rules: The L5R RPG uses a simple system to smooth character creation, so that players and Game Masters find it easy to create adventures- and heroes. All new spells and schools: New bushi schools, an entire chapter of new spells, simplified weapons and armor rules, and updated storyline information are all packed into one incredibly detailed book. - BoardGameGeek
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