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Legend of the Five Rings Skirmish

Legend of the Five Rings Skirmish

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  • Description

    "Board & card game for 2 players. Based on the Legend of the Five Rings Games. Each figure represents a Hero or a company or unit of men. Victory: You win if you kill your opponents Warlord."

    The game is played on a chessboard or any other 8x8 grid. Miniatures or counters are used to represent the units. Each player has sixteen units: four Infantry, four Cavalry, four Archers, one Champion, one Shugenja, one Clan specific unit, and a Warlord.

    The game describes eight Clans the players can choose from. Each Clan has a unique special unit and rules for how the clan can use Power Cards.

    A custom deck of cards is central to the play of the game. The players draw a hand of cards from a common deck. Card play determines when units may move, attack, or defend.

  • Details
    BGID: 36276
    Category: Fighting, Medieval
    Designer: Lloyd Krassner
    Year: 2002
    Publisher: Warp Spawn Games