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HORDES: Evolution SC

HORDES: Evolution SC

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    Dominate, Destroy, and Devour! With the forces of a malevolent dragon on the march across western Immoren, the venerable druids of the Circle and the hardened Trollbloods fight for their very survival even as the militant forces of the Skorne threaten complete subjugation of all of the Iron Kingdoms. A long-hidden secret protected within the depths below a crumbling castle may hold the key to who will rise to ultimate power. HORDES: Evolution™ is the first expansion to the fast-paced miniatures battle game set in the wilds of the Iron Kingdoms™. Fight your way to the top of the food chain with the new material found in this evolution of Monstrous Miniatures Combat™! * Witness Everblight’s devious plan for the Iron Kingdoms * Eight compelling new warlocks * Powerful new alpha warbeasts and unit attachments * Cavalry models, including new light cavalry * Bloodstone Marches Theater of War campaign Evolve your game with HORDES: Evolution!
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