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Throne of Everblight

Throne of Everblight

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  • Description
    Towering above Everblight’s legions are nightmarish creatures of writhing tentacles made possible only through the dragon’s will and power. From their positions atop these monstrosities, sorceresses rain down blighted magic upon the enemies of their master, freezing flesh with chilling frost or bursting bodies with explosions of razor-sharp spines. Those foolish enough to engage a Throne of Everblight in hand-to-hand combat are grabbed up by the blighted horror’s tentacles and pulled into its vast draconic maw to be devoured whole and screaming.
  • Details
    Unit Type: Battle Engines
    PIP Code: 73064
    Main Cat: Hordes
    Model Count: 1
    Packaging: Box
    Classification: Battle Engine