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Star Trek: Attack Wing  Reinforcements Sideboard Resource

Star Trek: Attack Wing Reinforcements Sideboard Resource

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    The Reinforcements Sideboard is a participation prize given to players who participated in Month 3 "The Siege of AR-558" of the Star Trek: Attack Wing Storyline Organized Play Event The Dominion War. It is considered a Resource.Resource: Beginning with Month 3 of the Dominion War Organized Play Event "The Siege of AR-558" each player may equip their fleet with this Resource. The Squadron Point Costs for Resources are located on the Resource Reference Cards. Players may choose from among any available Resources for the Dominion War Storyline OP but cannot change Resources between Battle Rounds.The Reinforcements Sideboard allows players to choose additional captain and upgrade cards that do not start in play with the original build. Up to 20 Squadron Points can be used on the Reinforcements Sideboard. The Reinforcements Sideboard may be added to a squadron for 10 Squadron Points.1) Prior to the event players select up to* 1 of each of the following card types and places them in the appropriate section on the Reinforcements Sideboard: 1 captain card 1 (talent) upgrade 1 (crew) upgrade 1 (tech) upgrade and 1 (weapon) upgrade. The total cost of these cards may not exceed 20 SP. Faction penalties do not apply but any ship-specific penalties (like the U.S.S. Defiant's cloaking device) do*.2) Once per turn* during the activation phase of any round a player may use a ship's action to: a) Equip that ship with one upgrade card from his sideboard. The ship must have an upgrade slot of the appropriate type available to do this. -OR- b) Exchange 1 upgrade from his ship with 1 upgrade of the same type from his sideboard. -OR- c) Exchange 1 captain card from his ship with 1 captain from his sideboard.3) Upgrades that may only be purchased for certain ship types can only be equipped onto or exchanged to that specific ship type.4) Place an auxiliary power token beside a ship if the upgrade that is equipped onto or exchanged to that ship is of a different faction or if the upgrade would have an additional cost applied to that ship (i.e. This Upgrade costs +5 squadron points I purchased for...).5) A captain or upgrade may be exchanged multiple times during the game.6) If a captain or Upgrade which is currently affected by a game effect (i.e. a critical damage card disabled token etc.) is moved to a player's sideboard that captain or upgrade is no longer affected by that game effect. NOTE: if the game effect is a critical damage card flip the critical damage card face down and leave it with the ship.Rulings and Errata
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