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Banshee Warjack Kit

Banshee Warjack Kit

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  • Description

    Recently unleashed upon the enemies of the Retribution, House Vyre’s myrmidons were developed with distinct capabilities all their own. The Banshee emits a high-pitched wail that prevents enemy spellcasters from using their magic, while its shrieking cannon hurls enemies aside with raw sonic power. A powerful assault myrmidon, the Daemon smashes foes with its rune fists or blasts them with concentrated arcane energy from its vortex cannon. The Sphinx rends its enemies with twin force claws or uses its runespear cannon to shatter an enemy’s mystical defenses, making it more vulnerable to magical attacks.

    This box set contains three color stat cards and one multi-part heavy myrmidon plastic model (PIP 35034). Included are all the components to assemble one of three heavy myrmidon variants: Banshee, Daemon, or Sphinx. A player may field any number of these heavy myrmidons in a Retribution of Scyrah army.

  • Details
    Unit Type: Warjack
    PIP Code: 35034
    Main Cat: Warmachine
    Model Count: 1
    Packaging: Box
    Classification: Warjacks