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The Return of Randal Morn

The Return of Randal Morn

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    In part one of the Randal Morn trilogy, Sword of the Dales, the legendary leader of Daggerdale, Randal Morn, was captured by unknown assailants as he sought to regain the great weapon for which the adventure was named. A stalwart band of young and enthusiastic heroes was recruited to ride to his aid, yet all they recovered was the Sword itself and a message: "Seek me in Spiderhaunt Wood." In the second part of the trilogy, The Secret of Spiderhaunt, those same adventurers found Randal and freed him briefly, yet he was almost as quickly torn from their grasp by an agent of the evil Zhentarim, seeking to end the threat of Randal Morn's return to power.

    In this final episode, the heroes must follow the kidnapper's trail and rescue Randal Morn before the Zhentarim finish interrogating him and the axe falls upon his neck. Armed with the Sword of the Dales and aided by a powerful magical spirit that lives within the weapon, the heroes much march into the heart of Zhent-occupied Dagger Falls, free Randal Morn, and save the city from utter destruction. The job is dangerous - perhaps more than the heroes can handle - yet those who would live in songs and legends cannot concern themselves with living to a ripe old age!
    This is the final part of a trilogy of modules that began with The Sword of the Dales and The Secret of Spiderhaunt.

  • Details
    Author: Jim Butler
    Category: Adventure
    Format: book w/cover
    ISBN 10: 0-7869-0170-5
    ISBN 13: 978-0786901708
    Item Code: 9488
    Page Count: 32
    Publisher: TSR
    Release Date: 9/1/1995
    Rules: AD&D 2
    Setting: Forgotten Realms