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The Secret of Spiderhaunt

The Secret of Spiderhaunt

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  • Description

    The infamous Sword of the Dales has always held a certain fascination in the eyes and hearts of the citizens of the Dalelands. Thus, it was no surprise when Randal Morn, rebel leader of Daggerdale, led an expedition into the crypt of a long-dead wizard to recover the weapon.

    Shraevyn the weapons-mage had created the Sword long ago, and it stood to reason that the blade would be waiting within his tomb. Perhaps the Sword of the Dales would allow Randal Morn to rule Daggerdale once again. But Randal Morn never returned from that fated party. Only tales of terror told by a lone survivor held any clues as to Randal's fate. A brave band of heroes accomplished what Randal Morn's group failed to do in part one of this trilogy, The Sword of the Dales.
    Battling through the tomb's undead inhabitants, those heroes reached the burial crypt of Shraevyn. There, resting in the center of the coffin, was the Sword of the Dales, its azure glow fillinf the chamber. However, there was no sign of Randal Morn.

    Only a note signed by his hand held any clue as to his fate. "Seek me in Spiderhaunt," it proclaimed. "The fate of Daggerdale is in your hands."

    This is the second part of a trilogy of modules that began with The Sword of the Dales. The saga concludes with The Return of Randal Morn.

  • Details
    Author: Jim Butler
    Category: Adventure
    Format: book w/cover
    ISBN 10: 0-7869-0150-0
    ISBN 13: 978-0786901500
    Item Code: 9485
    Page Count: 32
    Publisher: TSR
    Release Date: 7/1/1995
    Rules: AD&D 2
    Setting: Forgotten Realms