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Pathfinder Chronicles: Faction Guide

Pathfinder Chronicles: Faction Guide

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    Loyalty over all. Every campaign has organizations that pull the secret strings of the world, toppling monarchs or leading revolutionaries toward freedom and war. These secret societies, bardic colleges, wizard academies, military orders, and religious cults capture the imaginationand now your PCs can join Golarions own movers and shakers with the Pathfinder Chronicles Faction Guide. This book presents a new and detailed rules system for PCs who throw in their lot with one or more of these groups, as well as the responsibilitiesand rewardsthat membership entails. With membership in a faction, PCs gain a whole new reason to adventure, as well as countless roleplaying opportunities in any sort of campaign, from dungeon crawl to courtly intrigue. In addition to new goals and motives, membership in a faction comes with tangible in-game benefits. Gain enough of a reputation with the Hellknights, and a PC can become a fearsome lictor, complete with Hellknight minions. Gain prestige with the Pathfinder Society, and a PC adventurer can get his foot in the door to become a venture-captain. Everything your players need to infiltrate the halls of power is right here. Inside this 64-page book, youll find: Rules on how to gain prestige with various factions and how to use it to secure items, boons, and allies Twenty-four sample factions and the specific benefits of joining themthese factions include the fearsome Red Mantis assassins, the notorious Whispering Way, the righteous Eagle Knights of Andoran, the demon-hunting Mendev Crusaders, the calculating Prophets of Kalistrade, and the blasphemous Church of Razmir Standard rewards available through every faction, such as helpful spells, expert hirelings, and access to specific magic items and equipment New feats, spells, magic items, and traits for all factions This book is intended for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting but fits easily into any fantasy game world.
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