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Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to the River Kingdoms

Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to the River Kingdoms

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    Stake your claim! In the anarchic hills and valleys of the River Kingdoms, all you own is what you can hold by force. Dozens of nations flourish in this land of outlaws and scoundrels, from high-walled city-states to tiny tribal enclaves, and any hero with strength and vision can claim a throne at the point of a sword. Here secretive druids protect ancient forests, and downtrodden refugees and exiles cast longing eyes toward lost homelands. Civilized sea monsters trapped far from the briny deep rub shoulders with legitimized assassins, and strange magic can pull a prosperous town in and out of time and space. With the constant rise and fall of bandit lords, theres no limit to the power and prestige bold adventurers can findthough whether they can keep it is another story. Inside this 64-page book, youll find: A complete overview of the River Kingdoms, their statistics and history, and the Six River Freedoms that enforce honor among thieves In-depth entries on 22 new nations from some of the most imaginitive authors in fantasy and science fiction, including award-winning author China Mille, New York Times bestseller Elaine Cunningham, and gaming legends Chris Pramas, Colin McComb, Lisa Stevens, and Steve Kenson Adventure hooks for every nation, fully fleshed-out and ready to be dropped into your existing campaign New feats, spells, class abilities, and poisons native to the River Kingdoms An exhaustive map of the River Kingdoms, including ancient ruins, haunted cities, monstrous lairs, and much more. Though created for the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting, the information presented in this book is perfect for inclusion in any game world, and makes an excellent supplement for the Kingmaker Adventure Path.
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