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Shadowrun: Dawn of the Artifacts - Midnight

Shadowrun: Dawn of the Artifacts - Midnight

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  • Description
    There are deep secrets in the Sixth World, and there are people who will do anything to uncover them! Jane "Frosty" Foster is back and ready to continue her artifact hunt. If theyÕre game, runners will join her in a chase across North America, from the frozen, bug-filled wastes of Chicago to the political hotbed of Denver to the Deep Lacuna lurking under Los Angeles. Midnight is the second adventure in the Dawn of the Artifacts series, giving skilled runners the chance to find a second powerful artifact - and perhaps uncover clues about what makes these treasures so valuable.
  • Details
    Page Count: 56
    Price: $14.95
    Release Date: March 16, 2010
    Series: 4th Edition