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    Enjoy an evening of thrills and breathtaking actions! Venture the steep descents with an exciting roller coaster ride or bear company to scary creatures at the ghost train.

    For Peter Eggert´s 15th anniversary to exhibit at SPIEL eggertspiele cordially invites you to visit our Rummelplatz (Funfair), possibly the biggest Rummelplatz ever inside a boardgame ;-)

    16 friends of eggertspiele, all well-known and popular designers and artists, drag you into the colourful world of a funfair with 8 attractions or rides. Some of these short games have to be mastered on your way to gain the top prize. Show off your rampant strength at ring-the-bell and let it bang at the bumper car. Collect points at these games for the lot-booth and raise your chances to draw the top prize at the end of the game.

    This collection of short games plays up to 6 and provides giggles and fun, turning boring neighbours into friends and possibly into gamers.

    from publisher´s website and blog

    The idea and the development of this game-collection is unique. Peter Eggert exhibited his first "home made" boardgame at SPIEL in Essen in 1995. Sometime in 2009 during a typical gaming event he and his buddies were talking about "wouldn´t it be something" to create a jubilee game for SPIEL 10. When a certain Mr. J. Walker joined them later that night, things started to get out of control.
    The common goal was to create a game to bring fun to everyone, as Peter gratefully admitted how much joy he had found in the gaming industry, even when times had been pretty tough sometimes.
    Peter further aimed to do this game only with befriended creative folks, with whom he already worked with or whose work he adored. A bunch of his selected team members followed his call and on a few weekends they brainstormed, tinkered, tested, despaired and laughed their heads off. After a lot of playtesting and finetuning they did finish the project, pushed it into production breathlessly and - just in time - this baby will arrive at SPIEL 10. Find out who is involved and you will be amazed. And do enjoy this little gem.
    In less than 14 months from scratch to the counter in Essen: only friends can achieve something crazy like that. And only a dedicated and completely whacko like Peter Eggert can bring such an impossible task to an end.

    Happy anniversary, Mr. Workoholic and wiz-kid Philipp, may your Iphones never drop into a bowl of soup.

    And by the way, all of the contributors have chosen to donate their royalties for Rummelplatz to the German non-profit organisation Kindernothilfe:

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