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Dragon Ball Super TCG - Gift Box 03

Dragon Ball Super TCG - Gift Box 03

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    Send a Dragon Ball Super Card Game gift box to your friends and invite them into the fray! Boxes can be used to store your cards! The second series in the Infinite Unity Block! Taking place from Series 7 to 9, the Infinity Unity Block introduces multicolor cards, unique leader skills, and new strategies! New villains are here! Evil scientists, their creations, and the heroes that take them on are ready to fight! New characters from OVAs and Dragon Ball videogame! As requested by fans, support for Baby and Android cards included! Series 7 had one Exclusive Rare set with 5 cards total. Series 8 has a Double Exclusive Rare set of 5 cards eachfor a total of 10 Exclusive Rare cards! Series 8 features new multicolor combinations! These combinations also feature new and exclusive Keywords! • +6 booster packs (Series 8) • +1 Battle Card (special texture silver foil alternate art card *PKG can be used as a storage box