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Dragon Ball Super - Draft Box 2

Dragon Ball Super - Draft Box 2

  • Description
    Join Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and friends in their epic battle to save Space and Time from The Masked Saiyan, Buu, Baby, and more! Look for the super powered Fusion abilities from the Union Force set, and use the power of OverRealm from Cross Worlds set, both included in this item! Draft with your friends!! No other items needed, simply open the box, get your packs, and draft away! Also this item is a great way to get a huge range of cards from both first sets in additional to the extra leader cards included! Each Draft Box contains: 1 Storage box, 12 booster packs from Series 2 and 12 booster packs from Series 3, plus 4 types of leader cards, and more!