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Berserk: War of the Realms

Berserk: War of the Realms

Brand New, English, 1 in stock
CAD$ 59.99 CAD$ 44.99
  • Description

    Berserk is a fantasy card game that was invented in 1995 and published in Russia in 2003. Since then it has become the most popular collectible card game in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. In the 10 years of its existence 19 different expansions of the game were published. Today there are over 4000 different cards, featuring unique illustrations created for Berserk by various artists throughout the world.

    The second english edition of Berserk Tactical Card game consists of six 30-card ready-to-play decks and 63 cards for customizing. You should start by looking at the comic strip, which explains the rules basics. Begin your first battle, using the Complete Rules as a reference!

    2 players
    Age 13+
    20-40 minutes

    History of Berserk:

    1995: Berserk created in Russia
    2003: Berserk published in Russia as a CCG
    2003-2012:20 different editions of Berserk CCG were published in the Russian language
    2011 Berserk published in English as a stand-alone box game, presented at Essen 2011
    2012 At Essen 2012 we are presenting this new version of Berserk Tactical Card Game, see below:


    Box with 6 ready to play decks
    1 extra deck of additional cards to expand the existing decks
    Token sheet
    1 die
    2 battlefields
    How-to-play comic strip
    Rule book

    2013 At Kickstarter we are presenting this updated* new version of Berserk Tactical Card Game.

    • Our upgrades:

    - rules. Now they are much more easier and interesting.
    - dice. 2 brand new six-sided dices with no numbers on them.

    Berserk: War of the realms is tactical card game for 2 players.

    -A deck consists 30 up to 50 cards.
    -There are 6 realms + "neutral" cards.
    -The 6 realms are: Plain, Mountains, Forests, Swamp, Fire and Dark forces
    -You can customize the deck, play just 1 realm or mix them together.
    -Up to 3 copies of card per deck.

    Playing the game
    1. Each player shuffles his deck and draw 15 cards.
    2. Recrute your army for gold and silver.
    3. Place your army on the battlefild.
    4. Begin the battle!

    The game have many tactical components, like "Rank" which lets work you cards together.

    And many more!

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