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    (Livre Francais aussi inclus)

    This is NOT a roll and move, there are no dice in this game.

    Welcome to the world of underground racing. 
    Your goal? To become the Street King in your own epic racing career.

    You’ll start at the bottom using your “D” class cars. 
    With the help of your crew, cars, upgrades, and skills, you’ll 
    win races to gain credits and fame.

    With these credits, you’ll be able to buy parts, hire crew or even advance to the next class. Another way to gain credits is by showing off your ride at local car shows. You'll also be able to choose locations where the race will take place.

    Be the first to win enough gold trophies to be crowned Street King!

    Street Kings is played in phases.

    PHASE 1:
    The first player chooses a CLASS for the race.

    PHASE 2:
    Players take actions such as:
    -Buy Cars (From class A,B, or C)
    -Buy Upgrades (To improve the stat of your cars)
    -Hire Crew (To improve the performance of your cars)
    -Install Nitrous (To gain the winning edge)
    -Choose a Location for the race using the cards in your hand
    -Go to the Car Show (This will earn you credits/money)
    -Qualify your car at the starting grid

    PHASE 3: RACE!
    Using your car, upgrades and crew, you'll race through 2 locations which were chosen during the action phase.
    Each player will win trophies and credit depending on the position they finish in.

    PHASE 4:
    Clean Up. Each player takes back their cards and pawns from the playing area. The locations are removed and the first player marker passes to the next player. A new round begins.

    Play until a player has 7 gold trophies and do one final championship race to see who is the STREET KING of your town.

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    Year: 2016
    Publisher: BOARD TO DEATH