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The Wonderful World of Music Game

The Wonderful World of Music Game

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  • Description
    Name that Disney tune from a toon. Electronic gizmo plays Disney songs and players not only name the tune, but name the toon it came from or answer other related questions.Team one picks a card and reads the easy side for kids or the hard side for adults. The card gives a pattern to punch into the gizmo, which will play a Disney tune. Team two now tries to answer the question on the card (kids may also look at the picture on the card.)The music itself is very tinny and 'computery', and some songs are hard to recognize even for a self-confessed Disney music fanatic. But most songs are easy, and questions not too hard for anyone who sees a lot of Disney movies.Although the game design itself is uncredited, there is a full list of credits for all the songs included. - BoardGameGeek
  • Details
    BGID: 5849
    Time: 20 minutes
    Designer: (Uncredited)
    Players: 2 to 12
    Year: 2002
    Mechanics: Memory
    Ages: 6 and up
    Publisher: Mattel