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    In HORDES, monstrous beasts set upon one another in a bloody clash of tooth and fang that churns the battlefield into a seething sea of carnage. Brought to righteous wrath by the intruding wars of man or their own thirst for conquest, their masters feed on pain and rage, forging primal energy into a weapon to wield against their enemies. Ash, desolation, and the smoking ruin of once proud civilizations are all that remains in their wake. HORDES is a fast-paced and aggressive 30mm tabletop miniatures battle game set in the wilds of the Iron Kingdoms. Which faction will you choose? Will you defend the homeland of the united kriels of the Trollbloods, or will you follow the will of an awakening immortal dragon? Maybe taking control of an ancient and secretive order of druids is more your speed, or perhaps you are the type to subjugate everyone with your conquering army from across the desert. Whatever your path, use HORDES: Primal to unleash your horde of mighty warbeasts, powerful warlocks, and deadly troops upon your foes. Look inside to find a history of the land, backgrounds of the factions and how they came to their current state of war, rosters of the forces of each horde, and the complete set of rules necessary to unleash your beasts into the conflict. Let slip the beasts of war and unleash the fury within!
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